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NVP’s Lake Hill Farms Community in Lorton Virginia

This is a rare find in Fairfax County! Quality new construction at a great price in the Lake Hill Farms community located in Lorton Virginia and built by NVP. Lorton is approximately 20 miles from the Nation’s Capital, approximately 10 miles from Quanitco’s Marine Corps Base, approximately 5 miles from Fort Belvoir Army Base, and … Continued

5 Reasons People Can’t Buy a Home in Northern Virginia

For many people, a home is the largest investment they will make in their lifetime. With the right financial tools, most people can find an affordable home they love and want to live in. Sometimes things don’t work out. Here are five reasons people can’t buy a home in Northern Virginia. 5 Reasons People Can’t … Continued

NVP’s Saddlebrook Run Community in Triangle, VA

If you’ve been looking for affordable new construction in Northern Virginia, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the new home community located in Triangle, VA (right outside of Quantico Marine Corps Base), Saddlebrook Run, which has been built by new home builder: NVP. As of August 3rd, NVP is offering the following two … Continued

4 Home Appraisal Stories You Need to Stop Believing in Virginia

Whether you are a home buyer or seller, an appraisal is a key part of the whole process. And in many cases, a real estate valuation, an appraisal, seems to be purely arbitrary and overly complicated. Fundamentally, though, an appraisal is data-driven: it is simply an opinion about a home’s value derived from similar-housing data … Continued

Top Home Selling Myths Debunked in Northern Virginia

When it comes to selling a home, it’s hard to know who or what to believe with all misinformation, errors, and myths floating around out there. And well-meaning but misinformed family and friends don’t help matters either – a good reason to call on the expertise of real estate professionals. But to help you get … Continued

4 Things You Need to Expect When Selling With an Agent

Are you working with a local Northern Virginia agent to sell your house? Or maybe you’re thinking about it? If so, we’ve collected the top 4 things you need to expect when selling with an agent — to help you navigate this process easily! There are many ways to sell your house and many people … Continued